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tv   Campbell Brown  CNN  February 4, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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hot shots, pictures worth a thousand words. follow what's going on right here in the situation room, behind the scenes. i'm on twitter. get my tweets at wolfblitzercnn all one word. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. up next, campbell brown. -- captions by vitac -- hey, everybody. breaking news right now at this moment. a japanese newspaper reporting toyota is going to recall 270,000 prius hybrids here in the united states and in japan. that is topping the mash-up tonight. we are watching it all so you don't have to. as we told you, toyota recalls the prius, the transportation department here also investigating similar brake problems in that popular hybrid. at least 124 drivers in this country now have complained. one driver who has had problems
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with her prius is our very own jessica yellin. >> reporter: here's what happens. sometimes when you're driving slowly over an uneven surface or a slippery road and you hit a grate or a pothole, you step on the brakes and they don't respond for a moment. it's as if the brakes aren't getting traction with the ground and you just slip, which obviously can be really scary. the brakes respond just fine when you're moving at a high speed or if somebody were to jump in front of the car i'm sure it would stop. it's a problem at slow speeds over bumpy surfaces. i've been calling and e-mailing with toyota about this problem since last october with no resolution. so i decided to try again today. nobody contacted me even to say, hey, we've realized this is a problem, it's being looked into. so they say that toyota doesn't know that there is any kind of braking problem. there's no solution because they don't know -- there wouldn't be
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a solution because they're not acknowledging a problem and they're cooperating with the government's investigation. >> we're going to have a whole lot more on this story coming up later in the hour. again, details just being reported about the recall of the prius. a lot more on that coming up ahead. also, haiti today charged ten americans with child kidnapping. haitian authorities stopped the group last friday as the missionaries tried to take 33 children across the border into the dominican republic. >> we know ten americans have been formally charged with kidnapping children and also criminal association. that confirme eed to us both bye attorney general and the information minister. the news does seem to get worse. "a," there is no bail for that kind of crime because the crime that charge is seen as so serious there's no option for bail on those charges. and then we talked to gabby, now, he's the former justice minister, and he says that
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haitian law three years ago was changed. the penalty now, or the maximum penalty for kidnapping in haiti is life sentence. >> no haitian child is allowed to leave the country without government approval. the americans admit that the children did not have passports. karl penhaul is going to be here in a few moments with the latest on this as well. it was a nerve-racking day on wall street as the dow industrials briefly dropped below 10,000 for the first time since november. investors are worried about tomorrow's jobs report. that isn't the end of the bad news for wall street's big boys. new york's attorney general suing bank of america saying it misled investors about the merrill lynch deal last year. >> the charges which i have here in my hand says bank of america executives including former ceo kenneth lewis deliberately misled shareholders and the u.s. government in order to get
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bonuses for their workers and to get more money for the bank from taxpayers. >> reporter: the complaint calls this an enormous fraud on taxpayers. and claims the bank and top management were motivated by greed hubris and a palpable sense that the rules of fair play don't belong to them. they called the fraud charges totally without merit and said all involved acting in good faith under difficult conditions. >> b of a agreed to pay shareholders $150 million to settle similar charges brought by the federal government. >> bank of america not exactly hurting for cash. they are reportedly also paying their investment banking employees and average bonus of $400,000 each. the senate's newest member was sworn in a little while ago, effectively killing the democrats' supermajority. even before scott brown took the oath of office he was speaking out and massachusetts' new junior senator had jobs on his
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mind. listen. >> i was elected, it's time to do my job. >> jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. try to figure out how we can get the economy moving again. we have a budget where we have to borrow 40% to even make it work. that's troubling. we need to laook at the budget, try to figure out how to get the economy moving again. >> senator brown was sworn in a week earlier than originally planned because he didn't want to miss any votes. >> i do. >> congratulations, senator. >> thank you. >> there needs to be more communication between both parties because the main thing during my election and thing i heard from the electorate in massachusetts is they're tired of the backroom deals, tired of the bickering. they want people to solve their problems. >> the senator said he would consider any bill that is good for his state no matter where it comes from. two u.s.-born pandas are headed to china tonight as part of a worldwide conservation
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agreement. >> we have these two giant pandas en route to shanghai right now. they are making their way, a 14 1/2-hour journey to shanghai where they, of course, will enter a breeding habitat. >> it's a heartbreaking deal, but we signed it. every panda living in the u.s., even those born here, must eventually be returned to their motherland. >> i'm sad. it's our first cub. our first baby. of course it's hard to see her leave. >> and china is preparing for the pandas by looking for someone to teach them chinese, that is so they'll understand basic commands. and in other animal news, well, sort of, there's this frankly inexplicable internet ad from senate candidate karlie fiorina in california and features of all things, sheep. >> tom campbell. is he what he tells us?
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or is what he's become over the years? a fcino? fiscal conservative in name only? a wolf in sheep's clothing? a man who literally helped put the state of california on the path to bankruptcy and higher taxes. fiscal conservative or just another same old tale of tax and spend, authored by a career politician who helped guide us into this fiscal mess in the first place? >> california's primary is june 8th. so we've got four more months of this to go. that brings us to the punch line tonight. courtesy of stephen colbert who breaks down the economic mess for us as only he can. >> all our troubles started with a bank meltdown. the ensuing job loss was among the fastest in u.s. history going from 7.4% to 9.4% in just 5 months. unemployment was racing out of
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control faster than a toyota camry through your grandmother's garage door. >> stephen colbert, everybody. and that is the mash-up. we have breaking news out of haiti to tell you about. ten americans charged with kidnapping, could be facing life in prison. we have their story coming up next. for strong bones, i take calcium. but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. wto answer 10 questionss you help our community get what it needs for the next, oh, 10 years. we can't move forward until you mail it back.
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anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncvo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at breaking news right now. ten american missionaries could get life in prison for trying to take 33 children to the dominican republic. the group was charged today with kidnapping. they say this is all a big misunderstanding, they simply wanted to help. karl penhaul is in port-au-prince for us tonight with more detail on this. i guess despite good intentions seemingly these missionaries are potentially facing some serious jail time. >> reporter: i think the jury is obviously still out on how good
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their intentions were or how calculating they were in putting together a plan. certainly they can face very serious jail time. the maximum penalty under recent haitian law for kidnapping children is life. they also face another charge of criminal association. that carries a charge of three to nine years. of course, that decision, although we've been following this case very closely, was a bombshell decision when it was announced. we didn't necessarily expect all of the ten would be charged in that way. there was certainly a lot of media interest. now, when the police brought the ten americans to the attorney general's office to appear before a panel of prosecutors you can see some of those pictures there, a huge media scrum there. initially some of the police tried to hide the faces of the american missionaries as they were brought in. didn't succeed. as they were brought in the americans seemed composed. a couple of them nervous because
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of the media scrum. essentially they had no comments. laura silsby, the team leader, says she felt good. another, paul thompson, pastor of eastside baptist church in twin falls, he said the lord is good, but none had further comments. when they were brought out they looked for solemn, indeed. there were no tears. when they were loaded into one of the suvs they started softly singing a hymn. then when they got taken back to their jail cells the police there made a bigger effort to cover their faces as they were brought out. >> karl, what happens to these people next? >> reporter: right. well, all ten have been taken back to their jail cells. the judicial police headquarters. that's close to port-au-prince airport. essentially they're divided. five women in one jail cell. they're all being held in one jail cell. that jail cell i would say is roughly 3 1/2 meters long by
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probably 2 meters deep. they had, when i went in there, i saw that they had a single bed and then there were a series of mattresses and sheets on the floor. certainly very spartan conditions. the men, also five men in another cell of a similar size. they have at least three or four haitian prisoners in there as well. none of them are complaining about their jail conditions or certainly weren't when i spoke to them for the last time on tuesday evening, but certainly now facing a very different situation. from here on in they're going to have to go before another investigating judge. there will now be a series of court appearances to hear more evidence to investigate the case more and ultimately to try them. what there isn't any possibility here for is bail because under haitian law these are such serious crimes there is no possibility of bail. >> all right, karl penhaul tonight in port-au-prince. i want to bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin right now. the defendants are arguing they
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just wanted to help these children find a better life, good intentions. is that a viable defense? >> i don't want to put myself out as an expert on haitian law, but clearly given the circumstances it's not a defense, and countries are very serious about keeping their people inside. even if conditions are difficult. this comes up in adoptions often, whether it's in china, honduras, guatemala. this is something the countries take seriously. the fact they thought they were going something good is not a defense, especially when it appears some of these kids still have at least one parent alive. >> what we're hearing from the defense attorney is that he may want to get nine of the ten free by sort of focusing all of the charges on this one woman who was in charge of the group, apparently. which sounds a little bit crazy. >> well, certainly in the american legal system you couldn't have one person representing ten people for just that reason because there is potential conflicts of interest. certainly what's going to happen
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here is the american embassy has consular officials. they will try to get involved. they will negotiate with the haitian government. i mean, remember, this country is in something close to total chaos still. the main prison is completely leveled. the justice ministry is leveled. even the investigating authority here suggested possibly a trial in the united states which, of course, couldn't happen under haitian law, but certainly the american embassy will just try to get these people out. >> state department spokesman said today that the u.s. was open to discussing i guess oath legal avenues they may take. >> like a one-way ticket home. these people seem, i mean, good intentions or not, seem to have behaved very irresponsibly here and certainly the best thing to happen to them was just to get out of dodge as soon as possible. >> we'll see what happens. jeffrey toobin for us tonight. jeff, thanks as always. coming up, new developments to tell you about involving the christmas day bombing suspect, plus federal air marshals coming
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to cnn with this warning that despite the talk of beefed up security because of the attack, they say nothing has changed. we have a special investigation when we come back.
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we're learning new details tonight about the suspected christmas day plane bomber. he is reportedly telling interrogators and american-born cleric ordered him to blow up a plane over u.s. soil. the attempt led to calls for beefed up securities on u.s. flights. apparently that has not happened. drew griffin right now has our special investigation. >> reporter: on christmas day of last year umar abdulmutallab tried to blow up a u.s.-bound flight from amsterdam with a bomb hidden in his underwear.
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there were no air marshals on board. after this attack was foiled by passengers the president called for -- >> more air marshals on flight. >> reporter: homeland security secretary janet napolitano testified before congress. >> we will strengthen the capacity of aviation law enforcement including the federal air marshal service. >> reporter: has it happened? not according to the federal air marshals or f.a.m.s. as they call themselves who are supposed to making those flights. several spoke to cnn on condition we protect their identities. >> since christmas most of my domestic flights, a few of them have involved what we consider rjs or embarer 71s, smaller aircraft. they could be covering ashlt, inbound flights from foreign countries and they're not doing it. there's really no excuse for it.
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>> reporter: there is reason for it the air marshals claim. lots of short haul flights make the marshal service look more productive on paper, though many of the flights are considered low security risks. as cnn has reported for three years the odds of you having an air marshal on your flight is so low that air marshals tell us managers use creative accounting to pad the numbers given to congress. >> the way they do it is mickey mouse. they go to the extent when you're flying personally, they count that as a mission. or if you go on vacation with your family. that's how we help keep the numbers up. >> reporter: though the actual number is classified it's been widely reported the number of air marshals covering 28,000 flights a day is fewer than 4,000. do the math, like we did, consider that any trip requires at least two marshals, large
8:21 pm
international flights require even more, and at best without sick days, without vacations, the air marshals can cover only 5% of flights. the air marshal service tells cnn additionally high-trained officers are being deployed aboard an increasing number of flights worldwide, they say, to keep air travel safe. >> mostly money down the drain as far as i can see. >> reporter: professor john mueller just completed a detailed cost benefit assessment of aviation security in the u.s. he found of the 20 layers of security used by the tsa to protect air travel, the air marshals had been worthless since 9/11. >> we've seen with the underwear bomber passengers are not going to sit around waiting for somebody else to do something while their lives are at stake and they're going to jump in. >> reporter: what should be done with the air marshals? republican congressman john duncan of tennessee says get rid of them.
8:22 pm
>> the solution seems to be we need to double, we need to triple, we need to triple down on this, get many, many, thousands more air marshals. >> well, we may do that but i sure would hate to see it because it's just a total waste of money. i know that any time you create a federal bureaucracy it just grows and grows and the appropriations just go up and up and up. as i said, look at the record. they haven't done anything. >> reporter: last week president obama asked for an additional $85 million to beef up the federal air marshal service. >> and drew griffin is with us right now. and, drew, pretty harsh to say just get rid of them. how can that make us any safer? >> campbell, from the security experts and the air marshals, themselves, their time and talent they're telling us is being wasted. this is a hastily grown group, knee-jerk reaction after 9/11. the mission was to protect the
8:23 pm
cockpit doors. they're not trained to find the guy in the back of the plane with a bomb. once the cockpit planes were locked they became useless. put them in the airports, let them do behavioral profiling, find the terrorist before they board the plane or have them respond to specific threats when we know about them. the idea of somehow air marshals randomly flying around hoping to be on the right plane at the right time is really they say ridiculous and more dangerous. >> why do you mean more dangerous? >> an air marshal onboard means a gun is onboard. security experts i talked to saying introducing any gun in a passenger cabinet, even with an air marshal, is a gun available to a bad guy if they gain access to it. if people, passengers think there's an air marshal on board, they may be less likely to act and act quickly when, in fact, the chances of an air marshal
8:24 pm
are very, very low. this entire thing as implemented could pose more risk than security. >> drew griffin with us tonight. drew, thanks very much. appreciate it. it is party time when we come back. members of the tea party movement gathering in nashville. they're rallying cry. can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm good to go! phillips' colon health.
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we speak the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. we speak the 2010 ford fusion hybrid. get in... and drive one. tea party activists kicked off their first national convention today in nashville. the party not totally clear about its future plans, but they certainly sound united with anger -- united, rather, over their anger with washington. listen to what some of these tea partygoers had to say. >> we hope to come away from
8:27 pm
this convention with a clear feeling of where this movement might be able to take this country. ways that we can send messages to both major parties to straighten out policies in washington so that they more clearly reflect the needs of the people that send them. >> i'm interested in having some fiscal responsibility in government. i don't think that anybody in washington has gotten the message and every time you turn on the television there's always something going on they just don't get it. >> we're a little disgusting with both parties and what we see going on in washington. when we read our constitution it doesn't say what, exactly, is happening today. we feel like we're going in the wrong direction completely. >> our own randi kaye is at the resort in nashville where all of this is taking place. randi, what's the scene like there tonight? >> reporter: well, campbell, about a thousand people have registered for this convention,
8:28 pm
and they've just finished actually coming in. there's a reception tonight and then a documentary about the tea party. that's all that we have here this evening. tomorrow is when the real work begins. there are plenty of seminars including some about how to become an activist for the tea party. one on the high cost of immigration. another one of defeating liberalism to give you an idea. we wanted to let you know about who these modern day tea partyers are. they are conservatives, very unhappy conservatives, people to the right of the republican party. they are defined really by what they oppose. that's high taxation and a massive deficit. they stand for freedom and fiscal responsibility. to give you an idea, a little bit more about what they oppose, they oppose big government. they certainly disagree with the direction president obama is taking this country. they despise health care reform. in fact, they call it, campbell, health care takeover. they say the federal government is spending way too much money. they don't like the stimulus
8:29 pm
package. they don't like t.a.r.p. they are wondering, where is the money that was supposed to be funneled to main street, to everyday people like themselves? this really is a battle cry for the average joe. their voices haven't been heard. they're coming together. they're very angry, they're very outspoken. they're saying, i've had enough of this and i'm not going to take it anymore. many of them, you will hear them say, i want my country back. who do they want their country back from? from the democrats and republicans who say they haven't been listening to them. they're cominging to here as one voice. people here use the words "america a lot." they use the word "freedom" a lot. they talk about we, the people, the collective bunch. one tea party member arkansas i spoke with said to me, some people are too big to fail, meaning the banks. what about those of us who appear to be too small to save? this gentleman hadn't received a paycheck in more than a year. he knows neither party certainly is helping him. he's frustrated.
8:30 pm
he used a football analogy, campbell. if you look at the football field the republicans are in one end zone and the democrats in the other end zone and we the tea partyers are on the 50 yard line smack in the middle. we're trying to bring everyone together. they want things to change, campbell, and this they say it where it's going to start. >> randi kaye with that. let's hear from the tea partygoers. we have lisa may norton, a singer/songwriter. she's going to perform at the convention. jordan marks, associate director for young americans for freedom with us as well. jord jordan, let me start with you. you're there over the next few days. talk to me about how you're going to spend your time when you're there. >> campbell, what i'm going to be doing is helping tea party activists, which i include myself in, develop the system of how they can go ahead and reach out to the youth and make sure that we don't see the same problems that obama faces now with his youth organization and we want to take them from being
8:31 pm
astroturf to being grassroots and so that's what i'm going to be doing. meeting with a number of the conventiongoers and showing them what we do at young americans for freedom and how we take the movement and not only have it on campus but the community. >> let me bring lisa in. lisa, the tea party movement has sprung up because there is dissatisfaction out there in the country. is there one issue in particular that's most important to you right now? >> i'm very -- being a retired air force senior sergeant i'm concerned about our national security. i have a young child and two teenage stepdaughters and so i'm very concerned about our current administration's policies on national security. i'm also concerned about our debt. i don't want my child or my children growing up basically in
8:32 pm
debt and so those are some of the things that i write about. in fact, i'm going to be singing in about half an hour. a lot of my music talks about the things that i'm very frustrated about and a lot of people that i come across at the various tea party events have shared in those same concerns. so -- i'm just real honored to be here. >> let me ask jordan, is there one issue, jordan, that's driving this for you? >> i would have to say for the youth, the issue is going to be employment. many people, like myself, i just graduated from law school in 2009, i came and i looked around. luckily i was in a position where i had options in front of me. i decided to come and give time back to the movement. many of the people that join us today, young professionals, our organization is really noticing it's moving from the high school students and the college students to these young professionals that are graduating. they were told if you go to school, if you go ahead and
8:33 pm
invest your time and get the education necessary there's going to be jobs available to you. that's not what we have today. we're calling for fiscal responsibility. >> guys, stand by for a minute. lisa, i want to ask you when we come back, i know on your blog you describe yourself as a right wing extremist. i want to talk about whether you guys think the tea party is right wing extremism. ( music playing )
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we are back continuing now with singer/song writer lisa mei. and jordan marks both at the tea party convention happening in nashville. lisa, i may have mentioned you're an activist as well as a musician. your blog is called music and musings of a right wing extremist. in your mind is the tea party a right wing movement? >> i believe that the tea party is a group of people regardless of democrat or republican or
8:36 pm
independent, regardless of their party affiliation, that the tea party movement is americans, patriots who believe that we should be -- we should be adh e adhering to the constitution and we should do -- america should be what the founding fathers intended for it to be. liberty is big, and i believe that big government stifles liberty and it also stifles incentive for people to work hard. i started out as an airman in the air force and i worked my way up to the senior ranks and i retired and ended up with a great job and i want my son and my two teenage stepdaughters to have that same opportunity. the direction that we're headed now i fear that that may not be possible. >> jordan, in your mind is it a conservative movement? is it different from moderate independents who might vote for either democrats or republicans? >> i don't think so. i mean, if you consider the
8:37 pm
founding fathers to be right wing extremists then i think then you might call all of us right wing extremists. really this movement has gone mainstream. the people that we have joining us on a daily basis are your nurse, your future attorney, your doctors. i have accountants -- the bag boy at the grocery store. these are average americans standing up for what they believe in and what we bought into and what we buy into as americans and what we defend, freedom, liberty, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we want to be happy and now our government is not going to take away from that. >> let me ask both of you. no denying you guys are a growing movement and seemingly influencing elections, but in terms of this convention, organizers sold just 600 tickets at $550 a pop. do you think that reflects the values, the scope of what i think up until now has mostly
8:38 pm
been a grassroots movement? >> i'd have to say that the ticket price was expensive and that's something i was concerned about and knew a lot of students weren't going to be able to attend. the thing i realize and after talking to many activists like myself and the groups, this is group funded. this isn't one person paying $550. this is a tea party movement in mesa, arizona, or a young americans for freedom and tea party group up in alaska that are going to go ahead and pool their money and send representatives and say, we want ownership in the movement. that's why we're here. they're here to come and learn and report back to their local groups and use the innovative information and implement something that will go ahead and bring the movement together. >> and what about you, lisa? >> i'm just -- i'm glad that this opportunity came up. i did think the ticket prices were high, but, again, the intent of this organization or
8:39 pm
this convention was to get all the different organizations together, and the intent was to have the groups that they're representing, all leaders from all the different groups come together so we could all network, we could all figure out a strategy on how we can, as a movement, move forward and make congress listen to us. so really this is not meant to be a convention for just everyday people as much as leaders of all those everyday people organizations that are out there. there are so many out there now. >> well, lisa, both to you and jordan, appreciate both of you coming on and sharing views, thoughts and insights on this. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. when we come back, there are more problems tonight for toyota to tell you about. the woman known as the car coach is going to be here to break it all down for us and tell you what it means.
8:40 pm
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we have breaking news right now coming out of japan. we're learning about potentially new problems were toyota. we want to bring in kyung lah,
8:43 pm
our person in tokyo who has information on all of this for us. key yu kyung lah, what can you tell us? >> campbell. >> yes. >> i had an interruption with my phone service here. the news we're getting from toyota is that the lexus h model, if you own a lexus, it would be any new lexus from last july. if it is a hybrid. it is being looked at by toyota and the reason why is because it has the exact same braking system as the latest model prius. so toyota says right now they don't have complaints from customers but they want to make sure the brakes on the lexus do not have the same problem as a prius but they suspect it might, because it's the exact same system. now, as far as the prius, and whether or not there is going to be a recall, at this time toyota says they have not filed the recall papers. that they do not have anything official to say about a recall.
8:44 pm
we even called the japanese government, the agency that had to be given that piece of paper if there is a recall. right now the government does not have that piece of paper. if you own a prius, the latest model is not under recall. if you own a lexus that is also not under a recall. certainly there are a lot of reports and a lot of activity now in toyota trying to figure out exactly what to do and how to remedy the situation for its customers. >> you have to wonder, the best advice to people is to stand by and wait over the next 24 hours to see if they go down that path. >> exactly. it certainly is concerning. what we're talking about here, according to toyota is your brakes may not work properly for a second. now, if you're traveling 60 miles per hour and your brakes don't work for that one second, that's 88 feet, so this is certainly something that toyota has got to work to move on very quickly and answer these questions from customers. >> all right.
8:45 pm
kyung, appreciate your time tonight. the latest on this. for the latest news on the toyota recall and safety issues, go to again, we'll be back right after this.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
we have more must see news happening now. hln's mike ga lawn know here for tonight's download. north korea says it will release an american missionary
8:48 pm
captured on christmas day. human rights activist robert park was detained after crossing the border from china. north korea's news agency quote as saying park has shown, quote, sincere repentance for wrongdoings. the pentagon requires military bases worldwide to make the morning after pill available. a new policy was recommended by an independent panel of doctors and pharmacists. the bush administration resisted the change. it was okayed by the fda in 2006. no response from iran after secretary of state hillary clinton turned down an offer to swap three american hikers detained in iran for iranian prisoners held in the u.s. mahmoud ahmadinejad proposed that trade. the americans have been held since july and are accused of espionage. they claim they crossed into iran by misskak. a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit off the coast of northern california today. the u.s. geological survey says
8:49 pm
the noontime quake struck 35 miles from the town of petrolia, extreme northern california. there are no reports of major damages or injuries. finally this. video, freak you out a little bit. it's a swarm of brazilian three-tailed bats, they've taken over a foreclosed vacant house in port st. lucie, florida. the bats are common in the area, help control the mosquito population. all the neighbors are trying to seal off their homes. the worst part, it's the smell, it's nasty, the rabies. and dusk every night, out they come. >> oh my god. this is creeping me out. >> it is, isn't it? >> i can't even watch it. okay. get that video off the screen. yuck. thanks for sharing, mike. come on, what happened to, like, cute babies? >> we got to get back to that. >> mike galanos. we have breaking news out of japan tonight. we're learning about potentially more problems for toyota. the toyota prius is reportedly
8:50 pm
being recalled in japan. they are now looking at lexus, at the lexus hybrid. also over brake problems. with me now, the car coach, lauren fix. she's also author of "lauren fix's guide to loving your car." lauren, again, these are initial reports coming out of japan. what do you make of what we're hearing? >> i think that this is very interesting. i think initially that they sat on their hands when it came to acceleration problems and now they're listening to every single consumer complaint and i think once this starts, people come out of woodwork, you know how that happens. people who have problems, they heard about this prius problem, they say they're having problems as well and it's starting to evolve. it's very interesting. i got a phone call as well as a press release from ford motor company saying we're being proactive and we're changing our software in our hybrid vehicles so there's no question about their products. they're not having any problems
8:51 pm
at all. i also received a press release from toyota saying that consumers are having problems with the fact it's the way the pedal feels. we don't know what's really the truth until they do the rest of their tests. if what i'm reading on the internet is true, what's coming across to me, looks like we may have another recall which is another black eye. >> right. to be clear about the reports we're getting tonight, which are they are examining lexus now because the brakes system i guess in the lexus is very similar to the prius or same brake system with the prius. nothing has been reported with regard to lexus but they say it's worth an investigation. >> right. that's true. that's what i'm hearing as well. if you have a sion product owned by toyota, no problems with those. i would not worry at all if you have a sion product. the e-mails i've been receiving
8:52 pm
has been amazing with people with problems that have not reported to ntsa. once these reports come in and people watch your news report i think it's going to get a little bit bigger than what we're seeing right now. >> cnn's jessica yellin has a prius and she walked us through the issues she was having. i want to show people. take a look. >> sometimes when you're driving slowly over an uneven surface or slippery road and hit a grate or a pothole, you step on the brakes and they don't respond for a moment. it's as if the brakes aren't getting traction with the ground and you just slip. the brakes respond just fine when you're moving at a high speed or if somebody were to jump in front of the car i'm sure it would stop. it's just a problem at slow speeds over those really bumpy surfaces. >> and clearly she's not the only one who's having these issues. let me just ask you, lauren, why do you think toyota has been seemingly so slow to react here? >> well, i think they thought
8:53 pm
initially they could handle these problems. at first we thought it was a carpeting situation. they say, we can handle this. we'll take care of our custome s s like we always have. this is going back into the early 2000s. we're talking about problems getting a little bit larger. i think now, so many complaints and 19 deaths because of unintended accelerations. i got e-mails from people saying they'd been in three, four accidents and the dealer wouldn't do anything. enough complaints causes a big red flag. ntsa, definitely, national highway traffic safety administration, ray lahood decided we're going to check these out. we're talking about probes into toyota's situation on the 25th of february they're talking about having a bigger investigation. i hope this doesn't hurt toyota too bad. i think in the big picture every car manufacturer has issues and the secret is they do build a quality product. i think it's going to cause a lot of customers to go elsewhere
8:54 pm
and it's hard and expensive to earn their loyalty back. >> lauren fix for us tonight. thanks very much. this is so confusing with all the crossover of information right now. just, again, for the latest news on the recall, safety issues, we have it laid out clearly for you. go to again, "larry king live" is going to start in a few minutes. what do you have tonight? >> larry: we have got a primetime exclusive, campbell, with brad brian, the attorney for the self-help guru james ray charged with manslaughter in those sweat lodge deaths. we'll get into big developments in haiti today. the ten americans jailed, formally charged with kidnapping. and a "30 rock" star will tell us about his fight for life and need for a new kidney. then depock chopra will stock stop by, too on "larry king live." >. up next, tonight's guilty
8:55 pm
pleasure. will dave be saved? i've been growing algae for 35 years.
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most people try to get rid of algae, and we're trying to grow it. the algae are very beautiful. they come in blue or red, golden, green. algae could be converted into biofuels... that we could someday run our cars on. in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply. and they absorb co2, so they help solve the greenhouse problem, as well. we're making a big commitment to finding out... just how much algae can help to meet... the fuel demands of the world.
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"larry king live" starts in a few minutes but first earlier this week we showed you the banker caught on live tv while he was checking out racy pictures on his work computer. well, now people around the world are crying out to help save dave. here's cnn's jeanne moos with tonight's guilty pleasure. >> reporter: they're calling it
8:58 pm
the save dave campaign. >> i believe he should save dave. >> reporter: save dave's job. dave is the guy who got nabbed on an australian news broadcast. >> which is where they were -- >> reporter: during a live interview at mccorey's bank, he was in the background opening photos of a nearly naked famous model, miranda cur. the pictures he's looking at are from -- >> oh my god. >> this is nude pictures of women. i mean, were we born with clothes on? >> reporter: take it off stripper music was played. >> the problem was he did it during a live interview. >> reporter: has local anchors -- now the save dave campaign has come to his rescue, started by a financial news website in london. >> i think the world is going politically correct mad. >> reporter: there's all kinds of speculation that dave was set up, that this could have been a practical joke with the photos e-mailed to them so he'd
8:59 pm
unwittingly open them during the live broadcast. >> the theory goes as he opened the third attachment and he scrolled down there was a message at the end of the e-mail that said, turn around now. >> that's everybody's favorite part, when he turns around. now he's got support groups on facebook. who hasn't done that, asked one fan? post a photo of yourself checking out miranda cur to show your support. >> save dave. definitely. >> reporter: the australian reports dave is waiting to hear his fate as the bank forensically examines his e-mails. >> next time, dave, be a little more careful, and company, don't fire him right off the spot. >> reporter: you're saying out. he's out? >> out, yes. >> reporter: out the door? >> out the door. out the door. >> reporter: what would miranda think about some guy possibly getting sacked just for looking at her? the victoria's secret model told the melbourne herald sun, i am told there's a petition to save his job andf


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